Healthy Vending Machines for Nashville TN

Our vending machines provide Healthy Snacks, sodas and drinks. YOUR Healthy Vending machines even have an optional Side Entree vending machine where residents, employees, customers, students and members would have access to healthy meals.  Our vending machine products consist of one or more of the criteria:

  • Organic, gluten free, kosher and local Nashville snacks
  • All Natural ingredients
  • More whole grain selections
  • No preservatives or artificial ingredients or sweeteners
  • No trans-fats


At first glance, YOUR​​​ Healthy Vending machines stands out among typical vending machines. A second look tells you these grab-and-go snacks are not the standard fare. Stocked with healthy and nourishing food from carefully selected companies,YOUR​​​ Healthy Vending draws consumers in and keeps them coming back for more.


Satisfy Your Snack Cravings and Your Healthy Conscience​

A thoughtful selection of natural snacks satisfies a range of preferences including local, organic, vegan, gluten-free and kosher. No guessing here. Using the vending machine’s interactive LCD screen, customers can easily access nutritional content prior to purchase. ​

Organic Snacks

Our organic vending machine selections are hand-picked from certified organic suppliers and are produced without the use of pesticides, antibiotics or genetically-altered organisms (GMOs).

Nashville Area

Our goal is to stock our vending machines with a minimum of 30% regionally sourced products to bolster the economies of neighboring communities.

Gluten Free Snacks

YOUR​​​ Healthy Vending gluten-free items contain no wheat, barley, rye, oats and triticale.

Vegan Snacks

YOUR Healthy Vending vegan options are sourced from suppliers who produce foods with no animal products – including eggs, dairy, meat and honey.

Healthy Vending Machine Services for Nashville, TN

YOUR Healthy Vending is family owned company.  We are proud to offer an all-natural vending machine program that marries health and convenience. YOUR Healthy Vending is committed to responding to the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. Healthy food produced by companies seeking to do well in the world is an oft-repeated consumer desire.​

To this end, we have chosen premium products sourced from many suppliers who give back to social causes. These programs may include animal habitat restoration, renewable energy projects, reforestation, family farm support and disease prevention, among others.